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What are some alternatives to PE classes?

Query by Kelsey Anne: What are some alternate options to PE courses? I will not have enough room in my timetable to get all of the necessary PE credits. Is it achievable to do an online health and physical fitness class or as an impartial study? (In the state of washington, if that will help) […]

what is the ideal time to visit the United states of america (climate clever)?

Issue by Clairey: what is the ideal time to pay a visit to the United states of america (weather conditions sensible)? just ponder what the greatest time of the year to pay a visit to the usa is? i’m planning on heading in oct 2011, what year is this? and im organizing on undertaking LA, […]

what is the ideal seashore physique workout video?

Concern by hello!: what is the best seashore body exercise online video? i want to acquire a exercise DVD because in 2 months i am planning to florida. i want to lose about ten lbs . and get that hot hourglass seashore entire body i’ve often dreamed of. which is the greatest work out video? […]