How do i discover a very good martial arts learn?

Issue by Joshua A: How do i locate a excellent martial arts grasp?
Hi, i are living in Largo Florida, i have been searching for a good martial arts master but most dojos here are total of show boating total of themself jokes, theres no tradition and i truly am itching to understand True Martial arts from a actual practitioner, remember to support

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Reply by Schutzhund
Is dependent on what you want to understand.
For Krav Maga and other self defense/military designs the major emphasis ought to be on performing Something TO Survive, and get absent from the threat.
Kali should teach how to do diverse drills with the bastone, knives, and panatukan (unarmed combating),
and have a equivalent emphasis on sparing.
Aikido need to instruct you how to fight unarmed, how to dissarm opponent’s armed with
swords/knives/staves, and kumitachi (sword battling) kumijo (fighting with jo personnel), and in advance amounts randori. (assaults from numerous opponents.)
Judo ought to instruct throws, pins, and submissions.
Taekwondo should concentrate on poomse (kinds) and total contact sparring not stage sparring and not on breaking boards possibly.
Genuine there is a spiritual facet to some of the programs (which I feel you are wanting because you happen to be into the tradition.) but any traditional martial artwork ought to even now teach 90% self defense or the teacher forgot that he is training a martial art and not a lesson on buddhism/zen.

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  1. Stillcrazyafteralltheseyears's Gravatar Stillcrazyafteralltheseyears
    June 14, 2012 - 10:39 am | Permalink


    What is your criteria for what a real martial arts master is, and how do you know for sure that “most dojos here are full of show boating full of themself jokes, there’s no tradition”

    I am curious to understand more about your thoughts on tradition.

    I am very glad that you are really itching to learn REAL Martial arts from a real practitioner,

    I would say that if the dojos you have been to are tournament competition only dojos then I believe your conclusion to some degree. Plenty of dojos go to tournaments but if they are going to them every week. Be careful.

    I would say that if most of the dojos you have been to have black belts under the age of 17 then I believe your conclusion to some degree.

    Most of the real martial arts Masters that i know of actually look very boring and rely on practice of the basics, katas and bunkai for years.

    They teach makiwara training to teach you focus, power generation and energy transfer into the target.

    They also teach the proper mindset for a martial artist. They teach lessons that exemplify these traits. Self Control, Self Confidence, Self Discipline, Self Esteem, Integrity, Respect, Will Power, Goal Setting, Improved Concentration.

    A student of the martial arts should be focused on nonviolence through seemingly violent training. The training is always safe. the focus of the class should always be to grow each and every individual in the class. All students and instructors should look out for each other and support each other in the learning atmosphere.

    The Sensei should not be boastful, and bragadocious, but should be humble and instruct students in individual ares for personal growth. The Sensei should make the classes safe and fun. They should foster respect in the class and not act as a dictator. Respect goes both ways. A Trophy here or there is not a bad thing. When the trophy is the focus I would be worried.

    I would also be very worried if they try to hard sell you into a long term contract. Now days contracts are becoming a reality (I do not use contracts) but they should not try to sell you one, two or five year contracts the minute you walk into the door. Three months and six months make more sense.

    I would take a close look at these dojos and see if they are close to your expectation. I would also caution you that your expectation might not be realistic and would ask that you reevaluate your criteria just to give yourself a fresh look at things.

    Some of the best/most traditional instructors are not in big, store front schools that have high overhead costs. They are usually in community centers, fitness centers, etc. I allows them to have low rent when then means low fees. They are able to teach because they love it and not to make $ 4000 an month rent bills. I would actually look for those classes first.

    All that being said.

    Here is a list of classes/schools/dojos that I would look into if I lived in the Largo/Clearwater area.
    Authentic Martial Arts
    780 Missouri Ave N
    Largo, FL 33770

    Authentic Martial Arts 2
    9362 Oakhurst Rd
    Seminole, FL 33776
    Ryan Dean’s Jujitsu & Uechi-ryu School Of Self Defense
    11917 Seminole Blvd
    Largo, FL 33778
    American Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy
    Classes in Future Flipz Gymnastics
    1701 Coachman Plaza Drive
    Clearwater, FL, 33759
    550 Laura Lane
    Dunedin, FL 34698
    United States
    Phone: 727-379-4148
    3402 S Dale Mabry Hwy
    Largo, FL 37801
    United States
    Phone: 727-581-6200

  2. pugpaws2's Gravatar pugpaws2
    June 14, 2012 - 11:39 am | Permalink

    There are several things I could tell you. However, stillcrazyafteralltheseyears has given a very objective and good answer. For what its worth, I know stillcrazy. i met him while i was living in Virginia. I’m not easily impressed by most martial artists. however stillcrazy is very traditional and a wealth of information about traditional Okinawan styles. Looking into the schools he recommended is likely the best option you have. but it may not be your only option. Over the last 10-15 years I find that more and more of the strictly traditional instructors are leaving commercial (storefront) locations and moving their classes to less expensive locations. So after looking into the schools stillcrazy listed, if you don’t find something, you might look in unconventional locations. These include YMCA’s, community colleges, recreation centers, and even instructors that teach at their homes.

    Best of Luck with your training!

  3. Antwan's Gravatar Antwan
    June 14, 2012 - 11:39 am | Permalink

    define to yourself what real martial arts means, to you. Interview instructors until you find someone who fits your criteria. Be prepared to travel and spend a lot of money.

    I recommend studying under Jesse Blue Franchuk. $ 200 p/hr and worth every penny.

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