what is the ideal time to visit the United states of america (climate clever)?

Issue by Clairey: what is the ideal time to pay a visit to the United states of america (weather conditions sensible)?
just ponder what the greatest time of the year to pay a visit to the usa is? i’m planning on heading in oct 2011, what year is this? and im organizing on undertaking LA, the coast of california, NY, and Florida (Miami and Orlando). would these place be all right took pay a visit to that time of year? we are just seeking for warmish weather, with small rain if achievable ( i know that cant be managed!!) any answers are appreciated. Thanks.

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Reply by Pascha
October would possibly be a excellent time to pay a visit to the west coastline. In Florida it is throughout hurricane time. Of training course, you is not going to be able to predict when a hurricane will strike.

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  1. Jacob T's Gravatar Jacob T
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  2. Bruce C's Gravatar Bruce C
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    Since the U.S.A. is in the northern hemisphere, October is part of the fall (autumn) season.

    N.Y. will be fairly cool – cold. Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando should be warm. Since you didn’t say exactly where on the California coast (other than L.A.) you’ll be visiting, it’s really hard to say what temperature range you’ll encounter.

  3. Nonuna's Gravatar Nonuna
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    From my experience, Southern California and Florida will be OK in October, the weather in NY can be unpredictable.

  4. Gwyneth's Gravatar Gwyneth
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    The month October, is during the Fall time.
    I don’t think it would be wise to travel to Miami and Orlando during that time of year.
    Because, that is Hurricane Season and there are many dangers to them.
    LA and NY are good during that time when the tourists have gone back home.
    But, if you want some rain and want to go to all the places at once, September is a good month.
    All the tourists have gone away the summer is still a little warm and you have a good chance of no Hurricanes!

  5. NOLA guy's Gravatar NOLA guy
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    The other answers are correct and October is Fall. Southern California will be warm-ish and Florida will still be quite warm. NY should be cool-ish (not cold).

    Hurricane season in the northern hemisphere is officially June 1st to November 30th every year, but the southern USA is rarely affected after about mid-September.

  6. Mooned Y!A's Gravatar Mooned Y!A
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    The rule is that it never rains in southern California, but the farther you get into winter and the farther north you are in the state, then the more it rains. Neither state is much of a rainy state or a cold state. They don’t really have winter in Florida or California!

    Rainfall for LA:


    Rainfall for San Francisco. Still fairly dry in October.


    Rainfall for Orlando. FL gets more rain because of the Gulf:


    In LA, you have to walk the beach boardwalk from Santa Monica Beach to Venice Beach. Maybe you don’t want to walk the entire way; it’s a couple of miles; maybe drive. It’s the coolest place in LA. Santa Monica isn’t too far from Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Burbank. It’s west LA, and a good area of town — Santa Monica Blvd, Wilshire Blvd, and Sunset Blvd.

    If you go a few miles north of San Francisco, there are some areas with redwood and sequoia trees. But if you continue and go 100-200 miles past SF, it is just one big beautiful redwood forest. There are lots of places for cool nature walks.

    On the link, it takes a minute for the pics to scroll atop the page, but you will see how cool it is:




    It’s around 170 miles from the Bay area to where the road starts north of Garberville. It’s kind of far, but a nice country drive. Good luck.

    A hurricane in October is rare. It’s very late in the season. They happen a lot more frequently in the summer months.

  7. mcc's Gravatar mcc
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    October is my favorite time to visit both FL and CA. IN NY if you go out of the city (and even in Central Park) you will see some leaves changing color which is always pretty.

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